ASPADA Paribesh Unnayan Agroforestry Seed Production and Development Association Foundation

ASPADA (Agroforestry Seed Production and Development Association) Paribesh Unnayan
Foundation was established in the year 1993 by a group of young men and women aimed at helping
the poor and underprivileged peoples of the society to improve their overall socio-economic status.


What We Do

ASPADA is founded on a set of beliefs consuming the basic problems of the rural people like-illiteracy, poor
health, unemployment, oppression/civic inertia & environmental hazards.


Who We Are

The development philosophy of ASPADA Paribesh Unnayan Foundation is essentially humanist,
holistic and people-centered approach that aims to empower people through developing their
potential inherent powers (intellectual, productive, physical & political/organizing) to enable them
to take responsibility of their self-reliance and sustainable development.


Vision & Mission

The vision of the ASPADA Paribesh Unnayan Foundation is to improve the socio-economic status of the poor target families..

Goal & Approach

Normally, the organization works through a group approach. Organize the target people into groups and reach supports and services to the individual..

Strategies & Legal Status

The organization works as on animator, stimulator, and cooperator in the process of development..


The organization and Executive director received some awards from different forums/organizations reflecting the recognition of a long journey of ASPADA. ASPADA make some glorious examples in helping the poor communities of rural areas of Bangladesh on education for its unconditional ‘Scholarship for poor brilliant students” project.
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