Current Programme Operational Area of ASPADA


Savar and City corporation.
Number of Upazila: 1


All Upazila, Municipality and City corporation.
Number of Upazila: 13


Sadar, Sokhipur, Ghatail, Madhupur, Kalihati, Basail, Mirzapur.
Number of Upazila: 07


Sadar, Dewangonj, and Islampur.
Number of Upazila: 03


All Upazilas and municipalities.
Number of Upazila: 10


Joydebpur, Shreepur, Kaliakoir, Kapashia, Kaligonj.
Number of Upazila: 05


All Upazila and Municipalities.
Number of Upazila: 6


Sonargoan, Rupgonj including municipalities area..
Number of Upazila: 02


Number of Upazila: 1

Display, documentation and communication equipment

Currently, ASPADA has 1 Jeep (Prado), 1 microbus, 105 motorcycles, 4 digital camera, 3 Sony handi-cam, 31 telephone set, 65 laptops, 49 printers, 5 multimedia projector with screen and sound system, 54 air conditioner, 2 scanners, 3 photocopiers, 4 Electric Generator, high-speed internet connection.

Executive Committee:

The members of the general Body elect 7-members for its Executive committee (EC) for a period of three years. The EC sits once in a quarter to look after the activities of the organization and takes necessary decisions. The Committee is responsible for the overall management of the total program/project implemented by the organization.
The responsibility of the committee is to create income sources and maintain accounts, budget preparation, bank account operation, participate in a bi-monthly and special meeting, deposit and fixed assets and liquid assets. The Executive Director plays a role as secretary of the Executive Committee by designation. But the Director has no right of casting vote in the election of the committee formation. Members of the executive committee as follows

Md. Abdur Rashid

Executive Director