Adaptation & Mitigation to Climate Change

ASPADA has been facilitating community in climate change adaptation to the changed situation of the natural resource bases (forest, farmlands, wetlands) upon where they are dependent for their livelihoods. As part of the process, ASPADA is involved in adaptation to extreme natural calamities (i.e., inundation, drought, pollution), and hence improved livelihoods of the community by promoting on-farm & off-farm activities.

General Administration:

The Executive Director is the Chief Executive of the organization and is responsible for the overall administration of the organization. He is accountable to the Executive Committee and executes projects and programs by a number of programs and administrative staff, workers and professionals.
Major Clients and Partners:
  • Clients and Donors: FK Norway, NOREC, USAID/CIMMYT, DFID, Democracy International (DI), WINROCK International, IFAD, World Bank, BRAC, PROHIKA, NAPL, PKSF, Department of Forest (FD), MoEF, Ministry of Labor, DWA, DoF, DPHE, Bangladesh Agriculture University, BARI, BRRI, DAE, ACI agro and other international and national agencies.
  • Partners: Training partner of BNF (Bangladesh NGO Foundation), ERF partner of UNDP, Training partner of SDF.

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