Training Service

The organization has been providing two types of training service, one is providing training to selected trainees on specific topics and another is provided training facilities (venue, food, logistics and accommodation) rental basis.

  1. Training service: The organization has been providing capacity building training to other organization staff, targeted beneficiaries, civil society members, government officials etc. as package basis. In this case, ASPADA will develop training module in order to the requirements of client, arrange expert trainers, venue, food and accommodation, equipment’s, training materials etc. Also, we provide all service for event management. Note that, the training center have a training consultant pool which we engaged requirement basis.

  2. Training facilities rent: ASPADA rented training centers to GO/NGO, INGOs, UN organization, projects, corporates for conducting their workshop, seminar, symposium, AGM, training, conference etc. In this case, ASPADA rented venue, accommodation, food and snacks, equipment’s and training materials etc. as they required to conduct the event.